The Middleton Stream Team

Nature hike find: beaver swimming in stream by the Middleton Rail Trail

I have recently become a member of the Middleton Stream Team, a local organization dedicated to protecting and spreading awareness of the necessity of the water bodies in Middleton, Massachusetts. They discuss new town policies, educational events, and contests that can encourage the community to appreciate and care for their water.

The Earth Day Festival is an event that is hosted by the Middleton Stream Team, and I am proud to say that I will have a booth to support local vulnerable and endangered species with the World Wildlife Foundation. At the festival, there are many other activities and booths as well which showcase the sustainability projects that are underway in our town and show what we as community members can do to reduce our carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment.

The Stream Team also does hikes at least once a season, showing people the beauty of nature. On my first hike with them, we looked at vernal pools around Middleton and caught some of the small creatures living inside of the water. I remember being fascinated by the importance of such a small body of water to the ecosystem of the forest, and thought that if everyone in the community could learn of these wonders as well, they would also want to protect Middleton’s bodies of water, both large and small.