STEAM Carnival

This is the “map” of the STEAM fair activities.

I’ve been planning to do this for a few months, but it was so much fun to visit my elementary school this past Thursday for an evening event. My brother and I helped to set up and run some activities at our former school’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) fair. The fair’s main purpose is to introduce people of all ages to different STEAM-based activities. One of my favorite activities was the paint pendulum. Paint was “loaded” a cup and released over a piece of paper to create beautiful pieces of artwork! Some other activities were a “Camera Obscura” that took an image of a nearby window and projected it inside of a cardboard box, and a catapult that launched paint and other items onto a nearby canvas hanging on a wall.

My brother and I standing in front of the “Camera Obscura!” The shoe-boxes on the side were used to create smaller cameras to bring home.

What was most interesting about all of the activities is that they all included an aspect of re-using and re-imagining in their design. For example, the paint pendulum was made of chairs and a PVC pipe, with the pendulum being made out of a string and a cup for the paint to fall out of, and the “Camera Obscura” was made mainly out of cardboard elements. I aim to bring this idea of using found objects into my own school and projects so that I can re-use and re-imagine different materials instead of purchasing or using new materials.

Thanks to Mrs. Deeley and my elementary school teachers for inviting us to participate and inspiring new ideas for future projects.

Pendulum art