Litter Education at the Middleton Recreation Program

Every summer, my town has a recreation program for children from around the area. As a child, I used to attend this program and participate in various activities, some of those being crafts, sports games, and chess.

Sorting fun at the recreation program!

I wanted to give back to this program that has given me so many great summer memories while also helping the community as a whole, so I decided to bring litter games similar to those I created for my town’s Earth Day Festival. These games are not only fun, but also educate children and their families on the basics of recycling and litter prevention.

More sorting fun!

The most popular game I brought was the litter sorting game. This involved picking up cards with pictures of various household items such as newspapers and apple cores and putting them in their proper containers: paper, plastic, metal, glass, compost, or landfill. The game opened up discussion about identifying what objects are made of, whether or not certain items are recyclable, and how to start recycling at home. Due to changing international relations and different agreement policies, the rules on what can be recycled and what cannot be recycled are changing, so it is important to stay updated with the most current policies. Most importantly though, it allowed for children to practice the act of recycling.

It was so exciting to run these activities. The children really enjoyed the activities and I am hoping to make more to bring to the after-school program at my town’s elementary school.