First Knit-a-Square Package Sent!

The past few months, I have been knitting 8×8 inch blanket squares to send to Knit-a-Square so they can be be sewn into quilts for orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. Just recently, I shipped off over 50 squares of different patterns and colors to Knit-a-Square headquarters!

The squares were made by me and several people from both my community and the surrounding area. To create the squares, I began by purchasing some yarn myself. But as more people got interested, I requested donations in community forums on Facebook and through some other social media platforms. By collecting yarn, knitting needles, and finished squares in a donation box at my local library, I was helping people reduce their excess materials and reusing these supplies for a good cause. Almost every day I came in, the box was completely full! I appreciate the generosity and kindness of the people in Middleton. 

The donations, along with the Knitting Club I founded at school, will allow for me, my club members, and people in my community to make more squares. I love knitting and helping others at the same time!!