Fall Litter and Recycling Education

This summer, I worked with my town’s youth recreation program to educate children on the topics of litter and recycling. Both of these are passionate topics for me and I love talking about ways to prevent littering and ways to recycling efficiently and effectively.

Litter sorting game at the Middleton Rec Park Program

Based on my time with kids this summer, I added some things to do in the fall. I also created a booklet that would help kids bring the activities home to their families. Among the activities I have developed are a “headbands-style” game similar to charades and a recycling sorting activity. Both are educational, hands-on, and exciting. Though the booklet is paper, I have been able to limit waste by having all of it printed on one sheet of paper.

The first page of the booklet allows children to get creative and have fun by designing their own super-recycling-hero. I chose this activity to be on the front page because it allows children to begin to think about recycling, and creates something that they can show their families to start their own conversations at home.

The second page has a tally sheet for different types of litter that can be found around the recreation area and throughout my town.

The third page hosts a crossword puzzle about recycling and litter. This crossword is designed to both educate and inspire conversation in children and families.

The last page has a space for activity stamps to go, and with all this open space, children will be encouraged to fill in the space by completing activities both in the booklet and during the recreation program.

Kids can also open the booklet up and turn it over for a blank page to draw on. I can’t wait to try this out in the fall!